Indiana 3

Indiana 3 – 202 ci Holden

OWNERS – Terry, Sally, Nicholas & Mathew STEEL.


                                                                                                                    We first saw Indiana 3 at Tocumwal on the Murray river in march 1997 and soon after purchased the rocket from the now fibreglass boat owner Allan Jones. I must congratulate Allan on presenting Indiana 3 in the manner only Jonesy could do, however we did buy her for social skiing with “rug rats”.
We raced Indiana 3 for our first time several months later at the Echuca Regatta & found we had a very slick boat. We soon added a rear seat, which allowed more room for social skiing as well as adding a ski bar for teaching bare footers/skiers alike.
After some fiddling around with the Weber we decided to upgrade all hoses to braided hoses adding a new shine to the Holden pink engine. As Sally found the accelerator a little too far to reach l added a second peddle for short “arses” as well as a timber footrest for bracing. We soon found the bare timber edges to be wearing out as well as some small areas of wood rot penetrating through the deck, so we thought it was time to sand her back and give her a make over.
With the help of a good mate who just happens to be a Top Gun spray painter we stripped her down and added three under coats in the garage followed by five more coats in a bake oven. Not one paint run and she looks brand new. We also added aluminium edging to protect her side which is one of the best things for protection.
We also added a small stern platform, which has also helped protect the sides “Brilliant”.
With season 2000 approaching fast we did all the usual maintenance along with getting the tappets tighten & changed to lock nuts & in doing so picked up 500 RPM’s along with quieting her considerably.
New side covers for the trailer along with a full wiring lume & lights for the trailer & where just about there.
Indiana has run like a dream apart from when the battery expired in the Yarra River in front of hundreds of spectators at the Boat Show opening. Well can’t win all the time.
Apart from maybe painting the trailer we have a little gem.
She handles like a dream & performs better than most. Goes hard all day & suits our family whilst the kids are young.
A special thanks to Allan Jones, Dean Potter & Laurence McCoy for their help & advice over the 4 1/2 years we have owned her.

*** A very special thanks to Sally, Nicholas & Mathew for the fun & enjoyment we get out of Indiana 3***
PS Our next boat will be named after a woody name. Sorry Jonesy!!!!!!!!!!!!