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Seacraft Manufacturing Co. started building boats in the early 1950’s and very quickly established a reputation for quality craftsman built ski boats. Early examples of these boats were powered by Ford 10 engines (4 cyl side valve) in various stages of tune, graduating to early Holden engines. One boat even appeared on the front page of the daily newspapers with a jet unit fitted.

Over the years, various power plants have been fitted and due to the quality and adaptability of the hulls, together with the constant development of the hulls, a very strong following of owners built up.

Around 1981 Syndicate hulls appeared. These hulls were a development of the Seacraft theme and being bigger were able to carry even more horsepower.

As a result of the strong owner following, a large group of owners would meet every year, the weekend after Easter, for an informal weekend of “races” and general mateship. In 1983 this was formalised into the “Seacraft Syndicate Boat Owners Club Inc.” with well known ski race driver, Len Retallick (Cinders) as the founding President.

The original aims of the club were to foster the ownership of these great wooden boats and to encourage the family aspect of boating and water-skiing. The annual Regatta, now held at Mulwala, is structured to uphold these original aims and hopefully this has been achieved. Over the years various changes have been made to the format, but the main aim of pride in ownership of these boats, family involvement and friendly competition have continued.

In 1989, Rivercraft hulls appeared. These were a further development of the Seacraft, Syndicate designs with even more horsepower being used. These were accepted as boats fit to qualify their owners for the membership of the club, so the club now has three manufacturers producing similar but differing designs of hulls for present and future club members. All three makes are equally at home as social family ski boats or race boats, depending on what you want.

The Club conducts a variety of events such as a Winery Cruise, a Murray River Cruise from Echuca to Barmah (not a race), a Radar Speed Trial day, a Christmas Party, the Annual Regatta and various social outings.

To qualify as a full member of the club, you must be an owner of a Seacraft, Syndicate or Rivercraft boat. This is regardless of the age of the boat, type of power or how fast or slow it is. We also have associate membership available to other wooden power (ski) boats and to interested non-boat owners.

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P.O. BOX 237, Pakenham, Vic. 3810

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